XA4 - Wide & Wonderful

This extrordinary model is probably the rarest of them all. The 28mm lens is wonderfully wide - beautiful for landscapes and when you are photographing people at work, at play, you can get in right amongst them. Photographs that take you into life, not spying on it with long lenses. This is the XA to take into the market places of the world - the hustle and bustle and get up close.
It is also a macro lens - that just means that you can get up even closer than normal. 0.3 M in fact.
Lens 28mm f3.5
Shutter 2-1/750
Focussing 0.3M on
Films 25-1600 DX
Battery 2xSR44
Size 102x64.5x40
Weight 230g
Value £70+
Sold 1985-